How to Use

3 Easy Steps To Use Atta Chakki

Classy and fully automatic Atta Maker with accessories is a great solution for households insistent on premium quality atta over the ones sold at the counter. The Atta Chakki is user-friendly and with little effort, you get the flour instantly. This flour will give you soft and puffy rotis.


Step 1: First and foremost step is to check the switch and insert the plug.A 15 Hp motor will consume 11.34 units of electricity per hour.Besides atta chakki needs continuous electric supply to keep it running. Remember to keep the lid open while chakki is running.

Step 2: Fill the Hopper/Grain chamber with an adequate amount of grains.The quantity of grain should be proportional to the motor capacity.Also remember to use the right mesh for variety of grains like Wheat,Jowar,Bajra and so on.

Step 3: Collect the smooth flour .Always make it a routine to clear the chakki after the use.This will prevent dust from settling and ensure long life. Wheat chakki atta has many health benefits.It containsVitamins fiber,iron in generous quantities and prevents weight gain.

How To Use Komal Atta Maker