Commercial Flour Mill

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Commercial Flour Mills

Komal Atta Maker specializes in manufacturing high-finished domestic flour mills, commercial flour mills, and a wide range of kitchen equipment. Our company is inclined to serve our clients with optimum quality products. We appreciate all kinds of inquiries on your side. We are fully committed to providing the best services promptly at any time of the day.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of highly efficient commercial flour mill machines which are in trend with the latest technology the market offers. Our products are designed for maximum productivity and maximum output.  All our products are ISO certified. We have been dedicated and committed to offering a world-class flour mill machine. Our flour mill machines are inbuilt with a mechanism for the pretreatment of grains (cleaning and dehulling) and the flour milling process. The parts of flour mill machines include flour grinding equipment, screening equipment, and a flour purifier.